Day 2: Charisma and Lifestyle Online Congress

During 7 intensive days, we would like to give many people the opportunity to become more charismatic.

Together with you, I would like to prove to you how the harmony of body, mind, soul and business skills makes charismatic and successful. We will take you to the magic of luxury and lifestyle.


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By the way, did you know that building such a congress requires more than 6 persons/months?

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JOANA GARCIA und andreas Kolos


Talk about what it’s like to not be like everyone around you. Power contribution on charisma in sales.

 – More revenue through charisma – Selling has changed – How charisma helps to become a magnet of attraction – What energy has to do with selling – Self-marketing, the new trend |

JÖRG EUGSTER und Andreas Kolos

BECOMING “UBERDANT”! ARE ROBOTS AND KI TAKING OUR JOBS? – Internet entrepreneur with passion since 1998 – Internet pioneer (founder of various Internet startups with three successful exits) – Business Economist and Executive MBA – Keynote speaker digitalization – Author of two bestsellers and various professional articles – Digital Lifetime Award 2020 – Expert member Club 55 | 


Information and contents of the lecture

Are you mobile enough? Are you sure your job, company, employer or business model will even exist in a few years? Can you manage your business better, cheaper, more digitally, faster and more efficiently from Shanghai? We live in disruptive times, where new things emerge out of nowhere and simply sweep away the existing. How rarely do you actually listen to vinyl records or CDs these days? What can you, indeed what do you need to change as quickly as possible now so that your product does not appear as backward as a fax machine or a Nokia cell phone the day after tomorrow and your service will not become the video store of your industry? Will you still be around in 15, 10 or 5 years? The countdown is on: Fintech beats bank branches, Netflix crashes TV channels, and Amazon puts a powerful dent in local retail. As long as it happens to the other industries, everyone watches curiously. But what about your business? How would a Silicon Valley investor set up your “greenfield” business model from scratch, optimized for smartphones? Well, how do you like that idea? Becoming UBERdant? This term is a play on words (redundant). It shows strikingly how a global player emerges from nothing and turns the market for driving services upside down with a simple app. Cab drivers are the first to be affected by UBER and are just becoming UBERdant. But soon, UBER itself could also become UBERdant, when in the future we will no longer use public transport in cities as we do today, thanks to a fleet of self-driving cars. With autonomous driving, disruption continues to escalate, and the digital revolution eats its children. How do we need to position ourselves? Artificial intelligence, machine learning and constantly improving robots are increasingly taking tasks away from us – threat or opportunity? In my lecture “Becoming UBERdant?” I give many impulses on how we can best position ourselves as people and companies so that we are still in business the day after tomorrow. You can look forward to exciting suggestions with a sense of humor because my keynote is intended to whet your appetite for the future.



Claus-Stefan was diagnosed with cysts on his thyroid gland in 2019. He asked himself what he can do now. He realized that he was allowed to talk more and show himself more. So became a podcaster and made it to #1 in the Apple podcast charts in Germany with his Digital Heart Business Podcast. Learn how he managed to build a profitable online business.

Free for you – the number one lesson from my online course “The Digital Code” High Frequency Congress – start it anytime for free. Raise your frequency and magic comes into your life! Digital Heart Business Academy Access to 3 online courses and monthly teachings

DR. WOLFRAM SCHÖN und Andreas Kolos


How do you forge committed, productive performance teams?

In this post, we’ll talk about this very topic.

“TrustUP® – Your Team” method able to support team leaders and managers in forging successful, productive top teams from normal, average teams!

Through coaching and masterclass video courses, he supports managers, team and project leaders in leading teams in such a way that they act with more commitment, with more willingness to perform and make decisions, and with more fun and identification for the team. And the challenges of New Work? He addresses these challenges right along with the “TrustUP® – Your Team” method!!!

LIZ HOWARD und Andreas Kolos


In this (uniquely great) video, you will learn how a charismatic you can become through your voice. – my recommendation of the day

Liz Howard is a Canadian writer. Her poetry debut “Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent” was nominated for the Governor General’s Award for English Language Poetry at the 2015 Governor General’s Awards and won the Griffin Poetry Prize in 2016

DR. ANNE PIEPER und Andreas kolos


In this inspiring video, you will learn practical strategies to overcome exhaustion and recharge your batteries. We share effective techniques for stress management, relaxation and sleep improvement. You will also get tips on restructuring your daily routine to promote balance and recovery. Click on the video now and discover how to feel alive and energized again!

Hello, my name is Anne Pieper. For you simply, Anne. I am a trained orthopedist; my passion is health care. From my point of view, that is something quite different from early diagnosis. As a working mother of 4, I know what stresses women. But also, what helps and supports them to get their own strength back.




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GABRIELE WIMMLER und Andreas Kolos


Gabriele Wimmler is a passionate speaker and trainer, multiple book author, encourager and guide. It enables companies, teams and clients to inspire themselves again and again as well as to live their uniqueness and thus opens up new paths to success. She amplifies the energy of people and prefers to show her own energy also – she is an inspiring example. (This is what a customer said about me) For more information, please visit my website.

Information and contents of the lecture

What distinguishes people who seem to succeed at everything effortlessly from those who struggle and fail to achieve what they want? It is how they feel about themselves and their belief in their own uniqueness. What am I good at? What makes me stand out? What is good for me? A strong self-esteem makes us confident and courageous to go our own way. It makes us independent and lets us decide for ourselves in which direction our personal life compass points. Many people miss a whole life the relationship with the most important person in their life, the one with themselves. Declare yourself the most important person in your life and treat yourself as such because practiced appreciation always starts with yourself. Focus: – Recognize your own uniqueness & live your full potential – Recognize and transform negative beliefs – Cultivate an appreciative and mindful relationship with yourself – Gain more enthusiasm and joy of life



How meditation can positively influence our health, career and spiritual development

Today I would like to address why meditation has a positive impact on our health, our spiritual development, and our careers. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the world and different cultures. 

Today I would like to address why meditation has a positive impact on our health, our spiritual development, and our careers. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the world and different cultures. First: Meditation can help with stress reduction. Stress is a pervasive problem in our modern society. And chronic stress can lead to numerous health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression. When we meditate, we focus our attention on our breathing and our body, thereby calming our mind. Studies have shown that regular meditation can reduce cortisol levels in the body, which in turn reduces stress. 

Second: Meditation can lower our blood pressure. High blood pressure is another widespread health problem in our hectic society that can lead to serious illnesses, such as strokes and heart attacks. One study concluded that blood pressure drops significantly and normalizes in people who meditate regularly.

Third: Meditation can lower our blood pressure. Our immune system is the key to fighting disease and infection. Studies have shown that regular meditation can increase the activity of certain cells in the immune system, making us more resistant to pathogens.

Fourth: Meditation helps us improve our concentration and memory. This is done by training our mindfulness and bringing attention to the present moment. One study concluded that people who meditate regularly have higher brain activity in areas associated with higher attention and better memory performance.

Fifth: Meditation can improve our quality of sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for our health and well-being. Studies have proven that people who meditate regularly sleep better and feel more rested and efficient during the day.

Sixth: Through meditation, we can build a deeper connection with ourselves and thus enhance our spiritual development. Through the practice of meditation, we expand our consciousness and get to know our inner self better. We can observe our thoughts and emotions and understand how they affect us. Through this observation, we detach from our negative thoughts and emotions and build a deeper connection to our inner being.

Seventh: Meditation can help strengthen our intuition and our ability to self-reflect. By regularly taking time to calm our minds and focus on our inner selves, we hone our intuition and our ability to self-reflect. We become more aware of what is essential in our lives and what choices support us on our spiritual path.

Eighth: Meditation helps us develop a sense of being connected to all that exists. The practice of meditation creates in us an in-depth understanding that we are all interconnected and that everything that exists is part of a greater whole. In doing so, we develop a deeper appreciation and empathy for other people, animals and the natural world of which we are a part.

Ninth: Meditation can expand our consciousness and lead us to new levels of understanding and insight. We become clearer about how we interact with the world around us and move to a deeper level of awareness.

In conclusion, meditation is an extremely effective and powerful tool for improving our physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. By reducing stress, lowering our blood pressure, strengthening our immune system, but also improving our concentration and memory, as well as the quality of our sleep, we positively influence our lives. At the same time, we have the opportunity to enhance our creativity and innovative drive and improve our emotional intelligence and empathy.

From a spiritual perspective, through regular meditation we build a deeper connection to ourselves, hone our intuition and ability to self-reflect, feel a sense of connection to all that exists, and expand our consciousness.

Incorporate regular meditation sessions into your daily routine and see how you can reap the many benefits on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

What role do brain frequencies play in successful meditation?

Brain frequencies play an important role in meditation, as they correlate with different states of consciousness and mental states.

During meditation, the brain can enter different frequency ranges called brainwaves. These frequency ranges from slow, deep waves to fast, surface waves. Each of these areas is associated with different mental states.

For example, the theta wave pattern (4-8 Hz) is associated with deep states of relaxation and increased access to the subconscious mind, which can be very useful for visualization or manifestation. Alpha wave patterns (8-12 Hz) produce relaxed but alert attention, which is helpful in meditation to achieve a relaxed state of mind.

The beta wave pattern (13-30 Hz) is associated with attention and focus, which can be helpful to concentrate on certain thoughts or activities.

There are also gamma waves (30-100 Hz), which produce a high degree of alertness and concentration and can help in meditation to direct the mind to a higher consciousness.

It is important to note that there is no “correct” brainwave pattern required for successful meditation. Each person has a unique brainwave pattern, and each state can occur at different stages of meditation.

During meditation, the goal is to calm and relax the mind, and there are many different techniques to achieve this.

There are different brain frequencies that can occur during meditation. Here are some of the most common brain frequencies associated with meditation:

Delta waves (0.5-4 Hz): These are the deepest brain waves that normally occur during deep sleep. However, they can also occur during deep meditation or yoga nidra practice. Delta waves are associated with a restorative and regenerative effect on the body.

Delta waves (4-8 Hz): Theta waves usually occur during dreaming and deep relaxation. They also create a state where creative thoughts and intuition flow. In meditation, theta waves can help calm our minds and expand our consciousness.

Delta waves (8-12 Hz): Alpha waves usually occur when we are relaxed and alert, but not particularly active. In meditation, theta waves can help calm our minds and expand our consciousness.

Delta waves (12-30 Hz): Beta waves usually occur when we are awake and active. In meditation, they can occur when our mind is set in an active but awake state.

Delta waves (30-100 Hz): Gamma waves usually occur when we focus on something or engage in intense mental activity. In meditation, gamma waves can help strengthen our concentration and clarity of mind.



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