Day 5: Charisma and Lifestyle Online Congress

During 7 intensive days, we would like to give many people the opportunity to become more charismatic.

Together with you, I would like to prove to you how the harmony of body, mind, soul and business skills makes charismatic and successful. We will take you to the magic of luxury and lifestyle


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KATRIN KLUG And Andreas Kolos

Charisma And Astrology – What the Stars Have to Say About Success

In this contribution, Katrin Klug, mental archaeologist, talks about a fringe of astrology. 

We talk about the “astrological meaning of life” and about charisma and what the stars have say about it.

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Business Acceleration Strategist

Chris Salem is an accomplished Business Acceleration Strategist, Professional Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Author, and Radio Show Host & Media Personality dedicated to empowering business leaders and businesses to boost their brands and business simultaneously from ordinary to extraordinary. His goal is straightforward 

– to help serious business leaders and their businesses foster better workplace environments that lead to higher engagement and retention with staff while generating more clients, increasing customer experiences, and scaling their overall revenue and profits quickly and inexpensively.

Over the years, he has developed a keen understanding of the complex issues facing small business owners in the type of volatile economy we have today. His experience has helped him develop skills to educate business owners quickly and effectively to successfully apply the right strategies in the correct order, allowing them to grow their business to its maximum capacity.

His book Master Your Inner Critic / Resolve the Root Cause – Create Prosperity went international best seller in 2016. He also co-authored the recent edition to “Mastering the Art of Success” with Jack Canfield. His weekly radio shows, Sustainable Success is part of the Voice America Influencers Channel and Business Influencers with Tal Radio, part of the Touch-A-Life foundation.

To Your Health & Prosperity,Christopher Salem
Business Acceleration Strategist – Professional Keynote Speaker – Corporate Trainer

Award-Winning Author – Radio Show Host & Media Personality

 Title: The Most Powerful And Dynamic Client Attraction Program Ever Created!

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Title: The E-Learning Marketing System Guided Tour

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KATJA KADEN and Andreas Kolos

Germany’s Next Speaker Event – About Speakers Who Turn Their Lives Around

Growing together and doing good. This is not only the motto of Allianz insurance, but also my personal credo. Uniting people who have their hearts in the “right” place and want to move, inspire and advance others with their message is my greatest passion.

I am Katja Kaden, owner of Kaden Business Company and visionary. My passion has been personal development since I was 17. Since 2010, I have been working in this field as well.

In 2020, an old idea came back into my life that would change my life forever in January 2021. Together with wonderful people, I’ve been blazing new trails that will change the entertainment industry for good. Not overnight, but a little more with each small step.

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STEFAN DITTRICH and andreas kolos

Artificial Intelligence in Online Business

Stefan Dittrich is an IT expert from the very start. He is the “man in the background” who accompanies congresses and implements them technically. He has lived in Asia for many years.

In this contribution, we talk about the future of humanity – you need to see this.

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Margit Susan Lieverz and andreas kolos

The Expert for Speaking Without Notes Tells You How to Find Your Words Confidently

What makes a person shine? Is it appearances like outfit, jewelry, hairstyle or make-up? Is it the inner values? Is it joy of life? Or genetics? Margit Lieverz is a trained actress, moderator, media trainer and coach. 

She has been accompanying and supporting people on their way to more joy, presence and success on stages and in videos for 11 years. Therefore, she can draw from extensive experience and takes the audience on a journey into the world of charisma.

 I am Margit Lieverz – The expert for speaking without notes. As a trained actress and presenter, I look back on many years of stage and TV experience and have also been working as a trainer and coach since 2010. I have been accompanying and supporting people on their way to more joy, presence and thus success on stages and in presentations. Since 2015, I have also been on the road as a speaker on stages in the DACH region. I am a member of the GSA (German Speakers Association e.V.), a lecturer at the GSA Academy and a guest lecturer at the VDI Wissensforum. I also do volunteer work. For example, I am an ambassador for the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V. (German Children’s Hospice Association).

FRÉDÉRIC LETZNER and andreas kolos

Stress Makes You Stupid! – Why “Faster, Higher, Further” Is Not Good for Us!

Being blockheaded? Seeing red? Standing in your own way? We need more “professional serenity”! Stress is truly not a good advisor when it comes to making constructive and purposeful decisions. In the worst case, we even react like an offended child and do things that we might regret afterwards. 

How we can manage to deal with conflicts calmly and how we manage to stay “constructive in thinking” – that’s what you will learn in this lecture.

About the Frédéric: A nutritionist by training, he has devoted his work to the psychology of human dietary and health behaviors. In early 2020, he was named Germany’s best newcomer by the German Speakers’ Professional Association with the “GSA Newcomer Award 2020”. In spring 2020, Frédéric Letzner, author of the book “Zu blöd zum Leben – Gesundheit geht anders” (Too stupid to live – health should be handled differently), summarized his work to date in writing, in his usual humorous and provocative manner. Today, he consults companies and congresses across Germany. And he also appears on radio and television as an expert inspiring with amazing content and stories that are easy to understand and get to the heart of health.

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Those who are in the business world may already know the processes of idea, vision and realization of the same. Why not apply tried and tested processes and tools from business to private life? 

What works in business also works in the private area – just a little more privately. In this contribution, I will present these procedures to help you make your life a little nicer. Look forward to the information and give me a “like”.

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