Day 6: Charisma and Lifestyle Online Congress

During 7 intensive days, we would like to give many people the opportunity to become more charismatic.

Together with you, I would like to prove to you how the harmony of body, mind, soul and business skills makes charismatic and successful. We will take you to the magic of luxury and lifestyle.


Is there life after death?

Is there life besides work? 

How much is left of the desires we once had? We will discuss this and much more today in our Charisma Congress.

Look forward to the sixth congress day.

Warm regards,

Andreas Kolos

SIMONE JANAK and andreas kolos


Knowledge is power, but only if it is put into practice. The implementation of knowledge, creative ideas and great visions is what makes us successful. Sexy habits – meaningful and appropriate habits – help you be consistent with ease, achieve your goals, and live a successful, happy life. Knowledge is power, but only if it is implemented. 

The implementation of knowledge, creative ideas and great visions is the real reason for success. Sexy habits – meaningful and appropriate habits – help to be consistent with ease, to achieve the goals and to lead a successful, happy life.

Simone Janak is an expert in personality development. She reaches more than 300,000 people every week with her own radio column on ORF’s Radio Wien station, which has a wide reach. With her extensive experience as a speaker (with appearances including 3,000 audiences), author with 7 best-selling books and as a coach with more than 1,000 coaching sessions, she helps people achieve a happy life with simple implementation steps. Affectionately, she is called for it the heartfelt bottom kicker. In her academy, she trains coaches. Simone brings a colorful bouquet of experiences from her eventful life, which she can enrich with exciting stories from world travels (residences in 5 countries), her life as a mother, but also her many years as an executive in international companies. Her outgoing and joyful sparkling energy is simply contagious, which is why a conversation with Simone always leads to a little more happiness in life – and that is precisely her vision: to use her joie de vivre and energy to make this world a little better.

CAROLINE WAHLEN and andreas kolos


Geomancy is the perception of the energies of the earth and their effects on people. It deals with harmonizing places and creating power places.

By working with symbols and mental power, spaces can be energized and destressed.

Geomancy helps people feel comfortable in their living and working spaces and to develop a charismatic aura.

Positive effects of spaces can be seen in increased health, a better sense of well-being and a higher quality of life. Rooms become full of light and the self-healing powers of the inhabitants are activated. Negative effects of spaces, such as earth rays, can lead to sleep disorders, fatigue, headaches and inner restlessness.

To strengthen positive effects and reduce negative ones, geomancer Caroline Wahlen transforms living spaces into conducive and harmonious environments. Through an inventory and joint exploration of the spaces, it identifies positive and negative zones. Energy blockers are removed, and negative energies are transformed. The work takes place on an energetic level and creates an improved quality of space.

Everyone can contribute to strengthening positive spatial effects and reducing negative ones. By carefully walking through the living spaces, zones can be identified where one feels comfortable or not. Caroline Wahlen offers instructions for exploring and balancing the spaces, as well as remote viewing of the spaces. Since March 2023, it has also been possible to carry out the interference suppression and energization of objects completely remotely.

Learn more about geomancy and how it can help you harmonize your spaces and create a positive spatial effect. Visit the website of Caroline Wahlen at, or contact her by e-mail at

 Creating well-being in spaces has become my profession. In the course of my professional life as a fashion entrepreneur and real estate agent, I have repeatedly experienced the effects of different energies in rooms. Everyone senses where they feel comfortable in a room and where they don’t because you unconsciously perceive the energies of the room. However, this sensitivity is often lost. I discovered early on that I am particularly sensitive to the effect of spaces and environmental influences. My profession and calling now is to activate the flow of life (“CHI”) and empower people by harmonizing and energizing their living environment. A lively room atmosphere is created. My heart’s desire is to bring man, animals and the earth back into balance. During my work as a healer and geomancer, harmonizing and energizing objects, I seethe with enthusiasm and positive energy.

JULIAN FREIBURGER and andreas kolos

An exciting interview about life and the pleasure that awaits us.

Julian Freiburger is an expert in serenity & joy of life. For him, this is not a claim, but his life’s work. 

Intense personal experiences ranging from constant tension and stress to burnout and a devastating diagnosis have prompted him to take his life into his own hands from now on.

He recognized the gift of these experiences and began to sweep in front of his own door and today supports determined people to retreat from the rat race of permanent tension, stress and inner pressure and to look life deeply in the eye full of courage, determination and a smile, to go new ways and to conquer joy of life, humor and the inner radiance back.

UWE KÖHLINGER and andreas kolos


Special on losing weight – why you can only lose weight by going for walks | interview with Uwe Köhlinger and Andreas Kolos why counting calories is not the solution and why working out intensively isn’t successful.

ASTER NEWAY und andreas kolos


We will talk about courage and the power to change your life.

Click here to get to the congress – Courage to awakening:

Over 30 years ago, I left my home country in East Africa as a young girl, determined to join NASA one day. Quite a few people from my environment considered me to be crazy at that time – but I had to get used to that. Years later, I was lecturing at a German university – in the traditionally male domain of computer science. Subsequently, a career up to a management position in a technical world, at a renowned vehicle manufacturer, challenged my decision-making power on a daily basis. My constant companion on this long and often challenging path, was my courage. Using this experience, I would like to give many people COURAGE to free themselves from their fears and compulsions. So that they can find the COURAGE to make clear and life-changing decisions for themselves, their family and professionally. Decisions that allow them to regain their zest for life and confidence in themselves and their potential. Today, in 2023, I accompany visionaries and pass on my experience to them as a transformation mentor. The experience of how much easier it is to make decisions when you have freed yourself from the fears and blocks of the past and can call up your courage at any time. I am Aster, Neway transformational mentor, passionate courage maker, author and bridge builder. I am a life companion and take people further in life to where they really long to be.

NICOLETTA FLARE and andreas kolos

Biohack your energy

FOR YOURSELF: How to achieve more sales and profit without incurring more marketing costs by restructuring your inner self! FOR YOUR COMPANIONS: How to achieve peak performance with you and your employees! FOR YOUR COMPANY: How to make your entrepreneurial life more efficient and sustainably successful!

I am the co-founder of the world’s first mental fitness club that gives everyone the opportunity for personal development. As a mentor, coach and trainer, I help entrepreneurs make successful decisions and move in the right direction. I show them to develop the right mindset, to get out of their comfort zone, and to have the courage to make mistakes. This is the only way to grow as a personality. My specially developed W.IN. method helps each person to realize his or her potential and open the door to self-healing.


PAUL MISAR and andreas kolos


We will talk about the ups and downs of life and the energy it takes to achieve something big.

Paul’s book is waiting for you here:

Paul Misar is a well-known real estate investor and author who has been featured in various media and TV programs. He has extensive experience in the real estate industry and specializes in luxury properties in Mallorca, Spain. Misar shares his knowledge and experience through his academy, books and trainings, helping people achieve their financial goals through real estate investing.



Look forward to this podcast with Andreas Kolos. He sheds light and love on this question. Would you like to know more about your afterlife? 

Would you like to see the connections of past lives with your current life and want to know where you came from and where your path is going? 

A lot of information on this subject is already anchored in your aura. Book your appointment for an aura reading right here and shed light on the question that has always touched humanity.

You can book an aura reading here:


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