Day 7: Charisma and Lifestyle Online Congress

During 7 intensive days, we would like to give many people the opportunity to become more charismatic.

Together with you, I would like to prove to you how the harmony of body, mind, soul and business skills makes charismatic and successful. We will take you to the magic of luxury and lifestyle.


Today is the last day of the Charisma Congress 2023.

But don’t worry, in 12 days we will continue with the final round of the Charisma Award. The contributions that qualified for Mrs. and Mr. Charisma are once again available for you to vote on.

Please participate – your speakers are counting on you.

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Andreas Kolos

BRITTA C. LAMBERT and andreas kolos

Shamanism and charisma: a fascinating connection

Dive into the world of shamanism and learn how charisma plays a central role in this ancient spiritual path. Discover the shamanic practices, such as trance states, rituals, and plant medicines that lead to connection with higher dimensions. Explore the meaning of charisma in shamanism and how it inspires and guides. 

Recognize the transformative power of charisma in everyday life, business, and interpersonal relationships. Dive into the mystical world of shamanism and be inspired by the power of charisma.

As a soul shaman, medium, intuitive healer, trainer, author, successful entrepreneur, she helps people unleash their highest potential & transform what is holding them back. We all have experiences & emotions. Accept them, walk through them & process them this way. Being aware of our emotions purifies us from those very emotions & brings us back into perfect love. Heal yourself & you will heal your environment.

LIV WACH and andreas kolos

The power of charisma for businesses: Why companies should also be charismatic

Erfahre, warum auch Firmen charismatisch sein sollten und wie dies ihr Wachstum und Erfolg positiv beeinflusst. Entdecke, wie charismatische Führungskräfte Mitarbeiter motivieren und inspirieren, die Kundenbindung stärken und die Innovationsfähigkeit fördern. 

Learn why companies should also be charismatic and how this positively influences their growth and success. Discover how
charismatic leaders motivate and inspire employees, strengthen customer loyalty, and promote innovation. 

Dive into the world of charismatic entrepreneurship and discover the transformative power of charisma for businesses.

Seminars and coaching on companies and charisma can be found at:

With my crystal-clear mind and my sharp clairvoyance, I have already analyzed you before you have said any word. My speed and quick
perception offer you quick solutions and results.  

The complete engagement of me as a channel quickly opens the clear and beautiful playing field of your life, which I clean up for
you bringing in my full devotion and love, yet with radical clarity and dominance, so that you become alive and unstoppable and utilize your strengths. 

I bring together your soul, heart, mind, body, breath and tantric life energy to initiate the fastest possible self-healing
for you: for your powerful life in love, self-love, primal trust, authenticity and truthfulness. And the most important: with absolute fun and joy in life! 

No subject is foreign to me and I do not shyaway from “hard cases”, such as foreign occupations, demons or others.
Analysis, coaching and more complete my profile and let me simply walk throughthe different worlds. 

This is what I teach in my academies, as well as that spirituality is suitable for everyday life and down to earth, and that
we may learn to proceed like Momo: Backwards!  


JÜRGEN WECHSLER and andreas Kolos


Background and outlook on inflation and further planned demonetization. Money protection, asset growth, Euro doesn’t matter – you’re in! Achieve financial self-determination. Secure and multiply your assets. How can you use the tools of the winners?

Other / information on the affiliate program

All info on the affiliate program under Freebie for congress:

ANJA HÄFNER and andreas kolos


What actually happens backstage behind an online congress? Andreas Kolos and Anja Häfner reveal many secrets and information about what goes on behind the scenes of an online congress.

SILKE GÖBEL and andreas kolos


What is the most suitable relaxation method for you to counteract the stress and challenges of everyday life on a physical and mental level, to regenerate and to find your way back to inner peace, serenity and mental strength?

As individual as we are, so individual is the way in which each individual can best relax, find his or her center and thus become more stress resistant. In the interview, Silke Göbel gives an overview of different relaxation methods and tips on how to find out which method will help your body and mind to relax and calm down quickly and effectively.

Silke Virajá Göbel is a relaxation trainer, yoga teacher, sound therapist and congress organizer of the Transformation Congress. After 20 years of successful professional life in marketing and management, health challenges presented Silke with the decision to give her life a complete makeover. Searching for holistic health, relaxation and stress reduction, she opened up new fields of activity. Today, she shares her own experiences and expert knowledge in individual consultations, group courses online and offline as a yoga teacher, relaxation trainer and sound therapist. Her focus is on techniques and applications that help people become more stress resistant, prevent burnout, and meet the challenges of everyday life with inner peace and serenity.

DR. SUSANNA WALLIS and andreas kolos


In this contribution, we talk about the quantum reality. What can you wish for and what happens to your wishes.

At this point, I also recommend our bonus program from today.

Dr. Susanna Wallis is a physicist specializing in quantum physics and elementary particle physics. She earned her doctorate at the European nuclear research center CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition to her scientific career, she has experienced personal crises, including professional problems, relationship difficulties, health challenges, and financial crises.

During a difficult period in her life, she discovered the law of attraction and began to apply it. Through manifestation and positive thoughts, she was able to achieve initial success, including a fulfilling partnership. However, her bliss was abruptly ended by the sudden death of her partner, who had received a new heart after a severe heart attack. This loss plunged her into a deep crisis, and she began to doubt everything.

After a period of recovery, Dr. Wallis asked himself many questions about fate, the power of thought, and the possibility of turning one’s life in a positive direction. She wondered why some people go through life seemingly effortlessly, while others

experience one disaster after another. She began exploring how to actively work to change your life and achieve positive results.
JOSCHI HAUNSPERGER and andreas kolos


Erfahre in diesem Video, warum Pressearbeit für Selbstständige so wichtig ist. Wir zeigen dir, wie eine positive Medienpräsenz dein Unternehmen stärkt und neue Kunden gewinnen kann. Entdecke die strategischen Vorteile von Pressemitteilungen, Interviews und Gastbeiträgen in relevanten Medien. Lerne, wie du dich als Experte positionierst und langfristige Geschäftsbeziehungen aufbaust. 

Watch this video to learn why press relations are so important for the self-employed. We will show you how a positive media presence can strengthen your business and attract new customers. Discover the strategic benefits of press releases, interviews and guest articles in relevant media. Learn how to position yourself as an expert and build long-term business relationships. 

Get practical tips on communicating with journalists and using different media channels. Increase the success of your business through an effective press strategy. Don’t miss the chance to make your brand known and drive your business growth!


On this page, I would like to introduce myself and my projects.

Some of you may already know me. Not least from OMKO, my offline online marketing congress, my two online congresses, the Siegerkongress (Victory Congress) and the Erfolgskonferenz (Success Conference), one of my books, my Kindle, e-books and video courses. Maybe also from my YouTube channel or my podcast, perhaps from my appearances as speaker, author, coach and mentor. Or just because we’ve run into each other before.

And if you don’t know me, no problem, on my pages, you will get to know me better. Have fun.

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DR. WOLFRAM SCHÖN and Andreas Kolos

How do you forge committed, productive performance teams?

In this post, we’ll talk about this very topic.

Wolfram Schön’s experience and his unique

“TrustUP® – Your Team” method able to support team leaders and managers in forging successful, productive top teams from normal, average teams!

Through coaching and masterclass video courses, he supports managers, team and project leaders in leading teams in such a way that they act with more commitment, with more willingness to perform and make decisions, and with more fun and identification for the team. And the challenges of New Work? He addresses these challenges right along with the “TrustUP® – Your Team” method!!!



Why have the wishes to the universe mostly come true? What am I doing wrong? Andreas Kolos reports in this article how it works. 

Sending wishes to the universe does not mean sitting down and waiting for your wish to come true, but it means using your own motivation for a goal to achieve your wish. 

Your reality is a resonance of your charismatic transformation, your love, your consciousness, a vision for the goals and the life you want to lead. 5 hacks on how the wishes to the universe work out, you get in this video.

Whether and how well your wishes to the universe work can be seen in your aura. If you would like to know how much you have already developed, then book an aura reading here:


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