Day 4: Charisma and Lifestyle Online Congress

During 7 intensive days, we would like to give many people the opportunity to become more charismatic.

Together with you, I would like to prove to you how the harmony of body, mind, soul and business skills makes charismatic and successful. We will take you to the magic of luxury and lifestyle.



Today we will experience the fourth congress day.

At first sight, participating in the rat race feels like climbing up the career ladder?

Have you experienced this feeling?

You can find a solution today in our bonus program.


Andreas Kolos

ELLIOT KAY and Armin kittl

Elliot Kay is a dynamic powerhouse speaker, executive mentor, and business strategist with an exceptional track record of empowering business owners, entrepreneurs, MDs, and investors to excel in influential communication, pitching, and winning business through compelling communication.

In addition to his latest talk, “Unlock Your Executive Presence,” Elliot offers a range of powerful presentations designed to help professionals sharpen their messaging, master their stories, and ultimately secure more business.

Having spoken at global conferences, events, and for teams and leaders on mastering the art of pitching and winning new business, Elliot has collaborated with industry-leading companies and entrepreneurs on customer service, media engagement, and successful pitching for top-rated television programs like “Dragons Den” and “MasterChef the Professionals.”

By concentrating on three core elements – Structure, Impact, and Language – Elliot guarantees that every opportunity to win business is seized, and that the language used captivates potential clients and audiences.

Experience the transformative power of Elliot Kay’s range of talks, including the highly sought-after “Unlock Your Executive Presence.” Book him today for a talk at your event or to work with your team or company. Elevate your communication skills and unlock your full potential with Elliot’s expert guidance.


Title: Alert Service – Find Speaking Oppotunities In The UK, Europe And Around The World


JANNA JANUSCHKO and andreas kolos


Janna Januschko is a trained Cell Clearing Coach. She is an expert in essential oils and actively uses them in coaching.

You can contact Janna via email:

In this fascinating video, we explore the interesting connection between charisma and essential oils through the influence of smell. Learn how specific scents and aromas not only influence our mood and emotions, but can also enhance our charisma and impact on others. 

Dive into the world of essential oils and discover which fragrances can support a person’s charisma and presence. From confident charisma to promoting relaxation and serenity, the right choice of essential oils can play a subtle but powerful role in strengthening your charisma. 

Learn about different essential oils that can help you develop a magnetic aura and make a positive impression on others. 

Whether you’re interested in personal development or just curious about how smell and charisma are connected, this video offers exciting insights and practical tips to apply in your everyday life

DOMINIK GOERKE and andreas Kolos


Learn 21 crucial points for more success in business in this video. From effective communication to personal development, important aspects are covered. With practical examples, you will gain valuable insights and specific recommendations for action to increase your chances of success. A must-see for entrepreneurs and professionals in all industries.

The multiple national & international award-winning Top 500 success mentor!

Converted €40,000 of debt into a million in assets in only 2 years. Dominik Goerke is the coach maker, multi-entrepreneur, self-made millionaire & alchemist. His expertise: Creating a business from scratch that actually works.

He shows you that anything is possible, no matter where you start from, just dare to go into his business analysis. Learn his most powerful mantra: “I can accomplish anything!”

Free business analysis: |

CLAUDIA CONEN and Andreas Kolos



The acoustic business card stands for your company because it determines success or failure. ‍Take a moment and recall various moments in your life when monotone speaking voices bored and tired you. Which voice were you able to follow closely? 

Who made your hair on the back of your neck begin to stand on end? When did you quickly lose interest – when could you not stand the sound of the voice?

Crucial facts: Even the best elaborated advertising concept can be ruined by an unsuitable speaker. The harmony between speaker, product and company must be easily heard. ‍Don’t ignore your gut feeling because the voice that presents your company and its personality is not only conveying information, but should inspire a certain interest and trust. Conclusion: You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an individual, distinctive voice that conjures up images in your mind and creates an “Aha effect” for the listener. A voice that loves to speak for and with people. Trust your instinct & listen to my voice and develop your unique sales voice with me.


Claudia Conen is known as the sales voice. She is able to highlight the outstanding strengths of people that cannot be replaced by technology or machines. Claudia teaches the art of one of today’s most valuable marketing tools: The human voice that unstoppably arouses emotions. She graduated from the most advanced AI rhetoric program. As a multiple author, she has also written a highly emotional book using AI. She knows that humans should use Artificial Intelligence to survive in business. Claudia Conen has an unmistakable voice that goes hearing with your ears to touching your heart amazingly fast. She has made her passion her profession. With her individual, distinctive voice, she creates an “Aha effect” for the listener and conjures up images his or her head. Voice can be a brilliant profit maker or profit killer. Wherever an effective message is required that may touch people, Claudia Conen is on the spot with all her passion or sends her voice as an audio file. As a speaker, coach, trainer, free speaker as well as voice-over speaker, her expertise can be heard.

VALENTINA LEVENAT and Andreas kolos



If fear is bothering you, you are not alone. You will get some immediately applicable tools in this lecture to alleviate anxiety and strong emotions.  

KAI-UWE BERDICK und andreas kolos

Money is great – money alone does not make you charismatic

Nowadays, you are always visible everywhere, you are on the outside, you smile, you show your achievements. House, houses, car, cars, pool, the new watch – somewhere the wealth may be visible, that you have made it, that you can drive yourself to bring projects to success

But where is the inner radiant glow? On the outside, the facade is maintained, the frozen, smiling face and everyone thinks: “Wow, he’s doing well”. But no one hears the inner longing to really make deep contact with others. We don’t talk about our challenges while playing golf, and we don’t talk about them with our partner, with our children. Only when the inner part is detached from all the substitute satisfactions, it can truly shine full of happiness and satisfaction. Because then the charismatic appearance and the vibrancy is authentic and from within.

Kai-Uwe Berdick is a very successful entrepreneur and mentor. He helps leaders overcome mental crises and challenges, working with them to maintain the perfect appearance on the outside while there is still a gaping void on the inside. As a multiple millionaire, he knows how it feels to achieve everything and still be seriously ill and unhappy. From this experience, Kai-Uwe Berdick accompanies people on their path of mental transformation, ignite the inner fire again and ends the illusionary rat race of perfection. So that the perfect appearance on the outside is harmonizing with the inside. He is a prospective author, speaker and trainer – a charismatic and balanced person, aware of his values, confident and authentic. Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired by him! |



Charisma shows itself when you do what you came into this life to do. Charisma manifests itself by implementing your life’s mission, carrying out your destiny, and realizing your talents, potentials, and abilities to do so. Do you sometimes struggle with motivation? Are you often drained and lacking energy?

You don’t know what to do with your life and you have no perspectives? You increasingly feel that you do your work because you have to ensure your livelihood. This is a clear sign that you haven’t found your “ikigai” yet. In Japan, there is this philosophy of life that proves that a happy, healthy and long life is possible. It’s about finding out what your ikigai is and what it’s worth living for. Ikigai asks 4 life questions, all of which must be fulfilled: 1. Are you doing what you are good at? (your talents) 2. Are you doing what you love? (your passion) 3. Are you doing what the word needs? (your mission) 4. Are you doing what you get paid to do? (your profession) Set up your life so that these 4 circles of life intersect. As from this moment, you will live your Ikigai – your “reason for being”.

Wendelin Niederberger Founder of the Visionary Success Academy, expert in Eastern wisdom teachings. Author of the book “Find your Ikigai”, developer of Taoist Face Reading and Taoist Astrologer “You will only experience happiness in life if you know your soul plan and also fulfill it” is one of the core statements of Wendelin Niederberger. But what is a plan of the soul, and how do you find it if you have never heard of it? Wendelin Niederberger has deciphered the life secrets of the eastern sciences in years of study. He has translated his findings into a modern language that is also understood in the Western world. Since the Enlightenment, the scholarly view of the world applies. The Eastern world is based on the cycle model of nature. Existence is also seen as a cycle that does not end with death. According to this science, every person comes into this life with a task and a plan of the soul. Unfortunately, the Western world completely lacks guidance on what this plan may look like. In Eastern culture, it is a part of traditional medicine to recognize the plan of the soul from the features of the face. One of the greatest achievements of his decades of research is Taoist face reading. With this unique tool, everyone can assign their potentials, gifts and talents based on their facial characteristics and derive their life’s mission from them. Wendelin Niederberger makes the results of his pioneering work available in the book “Taoist Face Reading” and in live and online courses. Wendelin Niederberger actively writes blog posts and professional articles. In 2019, he was awarded an honorary prize at the Tokyo Ethnomedicine Conference (ICTM) for his research of preventive health. The tools he developed are unique in the world. His goal is to share his vast experience and profound methods with select students. More info:



At first sight, participating in the rat race feels like climbing up the career ladder? 

In this contribution, you will learn how you can get off this treadmill.

Haven’t you already experienced this as well? Every day the same rat race: get up, go to work, come home, sleep, get up again and start all over. 

It is likely that we quickly feel trapped in our daily grind and feel like we’re not really making any progress. 

But there is a way out. There are two online courses I can recommend to you dealing directly and indirectly with the topic “Retreating from the rat race”. 

The course offers numerous valuable ideas and tips to help get off this “treadmill”. In this online seminar, you will learn how to break out of your daily grind and lead a fulfilling life. 

Whether it’s changing your career, starting your own business, or simply enjoying more free time and freedom, the experts at Charisma Congress will help you achieve your goals. 

The contributions to the course range from practical guidance on self-reflection to motivational speeches and concrete strategies for implementing your goals. The Charisma Online Course, for example, is a great opportunity to network with like-minded people, get inspired, get motivated, and get challenged to take your life to the next level. 

Here you have the chance to learn from experts who have already retreated from the rat race themselves and share their experiences with you. 

Don’t miss this chance to finally retreat from the rat race and lead a fulfilling life. Register today for the Charisma Online Course or the course about the new Energy of Money, or for the course on Spiritual Awakening.


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